The aim of this organisation is to connect people of all ages back to the benefits of nature.

Throughout history we have always been connected to the land. As children most of us always used to go out to play and we rarely stayed indoors on a nice sunny day. More recently, with the creation of technology and due to the pressures of life people find themselves stuck indoor more and more.

This organisation has been set up to help people re-connect with nature providing different activities to attract them back to the great outdoors. These activities include:

  • Walks – these are for families and individuals who what a short break form everyday life
  • Forest School – to introduce the children to the joys of playing in nature and being able to investigate the flora and fauna of the woodland.
  • Bushcraft/Survival – to help adults re-connect with their primal side. These session can build a sense of achievement knowing that one could survive in the wild if necessary.
  • Mindfulness – which combines the benefits of nature and the calming effects of mindfulness. This is the act of being present in whatever activity one is doing.
  • Weekend Retreats – an opportunity to get away from it all and just ‘survive’ out in nature

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